For coffee lovers

Carlos Goyco

By: Rosimar Cruz Vías |

Since the arrival on the island in 1736, Puerto Rican coffee has been recognized in many corners of the world, taking a piece of our culture and identity to the homes of coffee lovers.

Although coffee was introduced in that year, it was not until the mid-nineteenth century that it began to expand, thanks to the interest shown by the European market in the grain of the island.

Between 1880-1969, farms of cultivation of the grain began to emerge, mainly, in the center of the island. Coamo was where all the process started. Later, farmers and people with the interest of entering the coffee industry began to move to the mountainous towns.

Introducing as part of our identity and culture, Puerto Rican coffee became the fourth largest exported product in America with a record export of 586 thousand quintals in 1896.

And, despite having gone through obstacles and stumbling over the years, the Boricua coffee is still one of the favorite products of Puerto Ricans and tourists who, when visiting the island, get the Puerto Rican flavor in a cup.

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